Bryan Carmody

Professional Voice Actor,
Media Producer, Creative.
Pretty Decent Guy.

Building Trust. Every Time.

  • "As a VO talent, he has great range, is very adaptable at handling quick changes, ... and he brings the ability to understand the rhythm and flow of copy".

         - Tom Cusciotta, Partner, Six Speed

  • "His genuine interest in our piece was refreshing and he delivered the files in a way that facilitated our work."   

        - John Husack, Copywriter, OJK Creative

What I Do...

Straight Voice Over Tracks

Everything from an annotated list of takes to a raw file you can confidently hand to your audio guy.

Voice Over and Audio Editing Production

Voice over cuts and timed track production and royalty free music bed options.

Voice Over, Sound Design, Special EFX

TV or digital media spots with full environmental sound design and special EFX with custom designed sound elements.

Creative Content Development

Copywriting and creative content development – fitting into any marketing dynamic or team.

Recent Work

About Bryan

At the end of the day - what I'm about is doing the best I can with what I've got.  Some things I was given, others I've sort of figured out as I go.  My job is to make YOUR words matter.

So, all the blah blah blah I can type in this space isn't nearly as important as the words of the fine people I get to work with. Those are the ones that really matter.  


“Personable, professional, helpful, smart; and easy to work with. Bryan turned a script into a story with authenticity and swagger.  Great work!"

                      - Roseanne Azarian, Copywriter, Mintz & Hoke


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