Concretizing Jewish Values through Intergenerational Programs

The Better Together™ program empowers students to “live” our traditions and practices, to actually engage in the fulfillment of mitzvot (the concretization of our values). We’re producing a next generation prepared to lead, thrive, and sustain our people going forward.

Get a peek into the power and impact of the Better Together program!

What We Believe

Providing special services and activities for older adults is a Jewish value  

The “doing” of this value will alleviate the loneliness often characteristic of the lives of older adults, bringing stimulation, social interaction, and recreation to their everyday activities.

Such intergenerational interactions will further personal relationships, serving to support the growth and development of the students, and the health and wellbeing of the older adults.

The light of the past will illuminate the future

Who We Are Looking For

Jewish Day Schools, Hebrew High Schools, Youth Groups, and Congregational Schools with Middle and/or High School students.

A teacher or administrator (i.e. Director of Student Activities; Guidance Counselor, etc.) who is deeply committed and passionate about the need, value, and importance of such a program.

A teacher or administrator committed to participating in online learning and sharing opportunities with other participating schools.

Why Better Together?

Judaism places respect for our older adults as a high priority value within our lives. 

We support schools and synagogues in their efforts to educate the next generation of skillful, knowledgeable, sensitized Jews, who are caring of others, willing to be leaders, and conversant with our traditions and practices. 

We support those in need of caring, compassion, and kindness, as well as financial and emotional strengthening.

Connecting meaningful relationships with students and seniors

What We Do

The focus of Better Together™ is to sensitize students to the challenges of older adults and incorporate Jewish learning and values in their interactions with them. The Better Together™ program includes the opportunity to teach students Jewish traditions and ethics that they can actualize in their daily lives.

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