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Kehillah Fund is the vehicle through which our community comes together to provide crucial funding to local Jewish day schools, supporting superior Torah and secular education for thousands of Chicago’s youth. Together, we can ensure the highest standard of educational excellence for boys and girls, kindergarten through 8th-grade students, children with special needs and more.

Invest in a more united, vibrant Jewish future.

Our schools are the core of our community, where we impart our values to the next generation. By supporting Jewish education, you support a united Jewish Chicago—today and for generations to come.

Let’s work together to strengthen our community


Championing our children for over 18 years.

We believe that every Jewish child deserves a quality Torah-based education. To make this possible, we’ve created a powerful network of individuals, families and schools, rallying our community around our children and building a more vibrant future for both.







  • The Rema (Choshen Mishpat 163) says clearly that as part of the community, you have a responsibility to support the community schools. The Kehillah Fund is the wonderful vehicle to achieve this end.

    Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst
    Agudath Israel of Illinois
  • Every member of the Kehillah is responsible for ensuring that each child be educated. The Kehillah Fund affords us all the opportunity to participate in funding our children’s chinuch.

    Rabbi Zev Cohen
    Rav, Congregation
    Adas Yeshurun
  • Do you have a monthly subscription to a newspaper? Subscribing to the Kehillah Fund means helping many Jewish day schools monthly. The budget of every Jewish home should include an ongoing commitment to Torah education.

    Rabbi Zvi Engel
    Rabbi, Congregation
    Ohr Torah
  • It is not upon you to finish the work, but you are not free to ignore it.” (Pirkei Avot, 2:21). The Kehillah Fund is an important part of the solution because it takes the task of our financial education crisis and breaks it down into manageable monthly increments that we can all participate in. My family’s monthly donation isn’t significant on its own, however, taken together with all the donations of the Chicagoland Jewish Community, I become part of the solution. I’m proud to be a member of the Kehillah Fund.

    Devorah Greenfield
    Assistant Clinical Director,
    JCFS Chicago
  • The Kehillah Fund is vital to our community because Jewish education is everyone’s responsibility.

    Micha Rose
    YTT Parent and
    ATT Board Member
  • ... The Walder’s vision of communal support for Orthodox Jewish Day School education is inspiring. It brings us all together as a Kehillah. In addition, it provides crucial funding for much needed scholarships. These funds also help to raise the quality of our Judaic and general education for our children. Our children have benefited tremendously from the support provided by the Kehillah Fund and we look forward to being partners with our Kehillah for many years to come.

    Rabbi Menachem Linzer
    Hillel Torah
  • ... The educators are the “guardians of the city” (Yerushalmi Chagiga 1:7) and chinuch is the guardian of the future of our people. This endeavor requires the support of all community members even those who are not direct recipients of school services. The Kehillah Fund is the vehicle through which this is achieved in a communal and equitable way and for that we are immensely grateful.

    Rabbi Avrohom S. Moller
    Superintendent of Education,
    Associated Talmud
    Torahs of Chicago
  • As members of the community personally invested in supporting our schools, we feel that giving to the Kehillah Fund is essential and everyone should be doing it.

    Rabbi Sammy and
    Mrs. Tzippora Joseph
    JDBY/YTT Parents
  • The Kehillah Fund is the very definition of the community working together for a better future.

    Moshe Davis
    Chairman of the Board
  • We were inspired to give when we realized there was an opportunity to support the efforts that go into ensuring our community youth get a solid Jewish education.

    Jenna and Adam McKenna
    Kehillah Fund Members
  • By teaching I feel I make a difference in the lives of my students, which, in turn, helps to make their world better. If I can make a positive impact on just one child, then I feel I have been successful.

    Betty Hainsfurther
    Arie Crown Teacher
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