Governance and Leadership through a Jewish Lens

Transforming your board through convenings, coaching, practice and peer learning

PRESIDE brings together the chair, CEO, and a board leader from each of 15 Jewish nonprofits to expand their governance and leadership capacity. Together, through a 15-month structured curriculum grounded in Jewish values, each member of the leadership triad learns to build a sustainable culture of effective governance and intentional leadership. The program includes two multi-day in-person convenings, as well as monthly webinars and twice-monthly coaching sessions. With guidance, participants learn, practice, and implement the tools, skills, and knowledge of governance and leadership, and forge constructive partnerships to elevate their collective capacity. The opportunity to pursue a mission-focused capacity-building grant that engages the entire board in fund-raising toward a matching gift, is a hallmark of the program.

The experience of PRESIDE has fundamentally reset what we would have otherwise thought possible in terms of pursuing our mission.

-Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
Chicago, IL
The PRESIDE program has been like getting a master’s degree in board governance through a Jewish lens!

-Sixth & I
Washington, DC
PRESIDE provided the focus needed to continue to move forward strategically. As a direct result of our PRESIDE work, the intersection of the BSA, triad coaching, and webinar content, our Board [has been] transformed.

Friedel Jewish Academy 
Omaha, NE

The PRESIDE Curriculum


Cohort members begin with the BoardSource Self- Assessment, then work to elevate governance practices to enhance their board engagement and operations.


Participants develop a clear understanding of their strengths and deficits, along with the tools to implement change and become more impactful leaders.

Jewish Lens

Participants explore the language and application of Jewish values (middot) so that they can view their governance and leadership through a Jewish lens.


Each team will benefit from twice-monthly coaching, designed to meet them where they are, address current needs and maximize positive change.

Challenge Grant

More than just a matching gift, the challenge grant presents the opportunity to apply learning from the PRESIDE curriculum to an initiative that ensures organizational sustainability. The chair and chair-elect, in consultation with the CEO, will lead the organization in the selection of one or more projects for a capacity-building matching challenge grant.

Who is Eligible?

US-based 501c3 organizations with independent boards of directors and chairs whose terms end after June 2022.

Mission primarily inclined toward Jewish learning and education: adult learning, camp, school, university, or social justice organization.

Annual budget of $1.5M to $15M.

CEO who has been with the organization for at least six months.

All participants must be available to attend both in-person seminars (US locations TBD), as well as monthly Zoom webinars.

All program expenses, other than transportation, will be covered by PRESIDE .

Take Action Now

A select group of 15 Jewish organizations will be invited to participate in the PRESIDE III cohort. For more information, please contact:

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