Take your Jewish professional career to the next level with a graduate degree.

Midcareer Fellowship – take the next step in your Jewish professional journey.

Are you looking to advance your career in the North American Jewish Community?
Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your skills and network with other professionals?

The Midcareer Fellowship provides ambitious Jewish leaders a generous tuition subsidy to earn a Master’s degree online, in-person, or in a hybrid program at one of our ten participating universities.

An MA in Jewish Education or Non-Profit Management will help to enhance your skills, deepen your Jewish knowledge, and position you to advance your career.

Who is this fellowship for?

The fellowship is designed for professionals working in the Jewish community who are interested in advancing their careers by pursuing graduate degrees in:

Jewish Education & Administration
Non-Profit Management & Administration
Jewish Communal Service
Camp Administration & Leadership
Early Childhood Education
“My advanced degree in Non-Profit Management opened up many doors for me and has allowed me to make a greater impact on the Jewish community.”
“After completing my MA, new job opportunities opened up to me.“
“The Midcareer Fellowship catapulted me into the next stage of my professional career.“

Am I eligible?

You are eligible if you:

Completed your undergraduate degree at least five years ago

Have served the Jewish community professionally for a minimum of three years
Work at a Jewish institution for a minimum of 15 hours per week while pursuing your degree

What do we offer?

25% tuition subsidies for degrees in Jewish Education and Non-Profit Management at our participating colleges and universities

  • Schools may have additional scholarship/funding opportunities available

Networking with other students and alumni across all participating universities

Additional professional development opportunities
“I wouldn’t have been able to afford a masters degree without the support of the Midcareer Fellowship.“
“This fellowship gave me the support I needed to level up my teaching career.”
“Getting my master’s in Jewish Education helped not just me, but all of my current and future students.“

Video Testimonials

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