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Our classes and workshops give educators the opportunity to develop their professional skills, while networking with fellow teachers. Classes include art, computing, Photoshop, SmartBoards, and more, and are offered multiple times throughout the year — often free of charge!

In collaboration with ATT, our annual Featured Speaker series offers professional development opportunities led by renowned speakers from around the country.


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  • We also want to thank you and your staff for working overtime to assist our teachers in producing bulletin boards and teaching materials that greatly enhance our classrooms and lessons. The Walder [Jewish] Education Pavilion is a resource that our teachers heavily rely upon to create an optimal teaching environment in every classroom. Gratefully,

    Mrs. Ahuva Wainhaus, Menaheles
    Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov
  • I found the recent Holocaust event at the Walder [Jewish] Educational Pavilion to be very inspiring. The Walder [Jewish] Educational Pavilion is to be commended for their wonderful contribution to the teachers of our community and elsewhere, and to their students. With much appreciation.

    Tzivia Fishbane
    Early childhood educator
  • This is every teacher’s dream. I am so impressed with the practical resources and the sensitivities to the needs of our teachers-they need support, collaborative opportunities and a helping hand. Yasher Koach!

    Frumma Rosenberg-Gottlieb
    North Miami, Florida
  • As I walked into the Walder [Jewish] Education Pavilion, I was overwhelmed by its magnitude and the warm welcoming atmosphere. Everyone was eager to help me. With heartfelt thanks.”

    Rivky A Wolf
    Cleveland, OH
  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, is all I can say for all that you did for me this past Tuesday and Wednesday! I had such an enjoyable experience during all the hours I spent by your place. You gave me the attention, professional talent and most of all the extreme time leeway that I really needed, all with a smile and lots of patience! I really appreciate it.

    E. Keller
    Bnos Bracha, Lakewood, NJ
  • These sedra pictures are beautiful and have enhanced the class sedra lesson of mine and many colleagues here at Broughton Jewish Primary School in Manchester, England. Wishing you much hatzlocha in your avodas hakodesh.

    Meir Gittleson
    Broughton Jewish Primary
    School, Manchester, England
  • My daughter, son-in-law and their children live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where they have a Chabad House. They plan on making this a daily activity. Yasher Koach!

    Rabbi Mendel Moscowitz
    Cheder Lubavitch
  • I really wanted thank you and everyone at the Walder [Jewish] Education Pavilion for the classes and inspiration throughout the summer. The Walder [Jewish] Education Pavilion is every teacher’s dream/candy store.

    Yosepha Krohn
    Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov
  • At the Walder [Jewish Education] Pavilion, I enjoy participating with other teachers and learning new and different projects to add to my teaching. The projects can be adapted to fit the needs of a range of ages and abilities. The energy of all the teachers brainstorming and creating different projects is wonderful and really useful for me in my work in so many ways.

    Michelle Drucker
    Am Yisrael
  • As I said last time I was in the Pavilion, you are changing the face of education in Chicago! Overall, our school is adorned with the talented creations of the Walder [Jewish] Educational Pavilion and it is really appreciated. Tizku L’Mitzvos!

    Rabbi Menachem Kirshner
    Assistant Principal – Hebrew Department,
    Arie Crown Hebrew Day School
  • On behalf of my colleagues and myself, I’d like to thank you and your staff for your hospitality. We appreciated all the time you took to show us around and explain all your programs to us. We loved your facility and all the good work you do for teachers and families. We got lots of great ideas. Everyone was impressed with your site and what you did with it.

    Alice Jacobson
    Creativity Center Director,
    Coalition for Jewish
    Learning, Milwaukee, WI
  • Just to say a big thank you for all these fantastic resources. They are fantastic and saved me, as a teacher, a lot of work! Keep it up

    Yaacov Greenberg
    North West London
    Jewish Day School
  • The Walder [Jewish] Education Pavilion is a warm, welcoming creative space. Each time I come I exchange ideas with other teachers and grow as a person.

    Sari Ray
    Ida Crown Jewish Academy
  • Awesome! – this place has ‘recharged’ my ‘educational battery’ תודה רבה

    Judy Bailund-Witty
    K-8 Hebrew/Judaic
    Resource Teacher, San Diego
  • Chicago is truly blessed to have an institution such as yours. The staff has been extraordinarily helpful, patient and creative. The resources and inspirational ideas are top notch.

    Sarah Abend
    Hollywood, CA
  • These Parsha pictures makes the Parsha come alive and the kids look forward to the next ‘installment’.

    Shifra Goldstein
    Madrid, Spain
  • Thank you very much for faithfully providing the basis for my Parshas Hashavuah discussion. I use your colored day school version images as a fun slideshow. I use the slides as a means of encouraging students to translate the possuk with its handy built-in visual aide.

    Shaya Hauptman
    Torah Academy Of
    Jacksonville, Florida
  • The Walder [Jewish] Education Pavilion is a treasure. The staff is exceptionally helpful as well as creative. They also keep the students’ benefit in mind during every aspect of a project. They confer with each other to enhance each teacher’s and student’s experience. The materials at the Pavilion are vast and imaginative. As a teacher, it exceeds all expectations.

    Lora Frazin
    Cong. B’nai Torah
  • … This donation is made in honor of the teachers at North Shore Congregation Israel as their Chanukah gift from the staff. You were selected as one of five organizations that our staff benefits from that represent Jewish educational excellence. Thank you for the fine work that you do on behalf of our teachers, staff, congregation and the entire Jewish community.

    Dr. Roberta Louis Goodman, Judy Weiss,
    Patty Mason, and Jenya Edelberg
    North Shore Cong. Israel
  • I was fortunate to visit the Walder [Jewish] Education Pavilion. I was left utterly speechless. Every Jewish community deserves to have a place like WEP. From the countless bookcases filled with curriculum materials, to the mind- boggling array of arts and crafts, to the cutting edge computer, printer, and design equipment made available for teachers – everything that a teacher needs to become the best, could be found there. In a word: Extraordinary.

    Robert Sussman
    Head of Judaic Studies,
    Umhlanga Jewish Day School,
    Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa Executive Director
  • I’d like to express my deepest appreciation for your warm hosting of our participants at the Walder [Jewish] Education Pavilion… The staff was so friendly and quick to assist at any point during the sessions. It was simply a pleasure to hold our Principal Leadership Program sessions at your beautiful venue, and be hosted with such warmth and grace.

    Rabbi Zalman Shneur
    Executive Director,
    Menachem Education Foundation
  • I want you to know how much I enjoyed my recent visit to your center. I had great pleasure viewing all of the different educational displays that enable your teachers to educate Am Yisrael’s young generation – our future – and give over vital pedagogical and didactic concepts to them as a nation.

    Rabbi Yeshayahu Lieberman
    Director General Mercaz
    Beth Jacob in Eretz Yisrael
  • After having had the זכות of experiencing the phenomenal program that you put together for our seventh and eighth grade girls, we are overwhelmed with hakaras hatov. The girls gained a tremendous amount from Mrs. Lichtenstein’s words, the video, and the “Remember the Children” program. The girls left with an appreciation for the past, the present and with a perspective for the future. Many girls felt a connection to the Holocaust and to one and a half million children that perished, ה 'יקום דמם for the first time.

    Mrs. Wainhaus, Mrs. Reinglass,
    and Mrs. Kaufman
    Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov
  • The book fair was exceptionally helpful. Talking with representatives of some of the publishers was a fantastic opportunity. It was much more useful than flipping through a catalog and not knowing the exact content of a book. Here I was able to compare different publishers’ books on the same subject such as Ivrit or Chumash. I got an idea which ones would suit the students in my classrooms better. I hope this is something that Walder [Jewish Education] does again!”

    Batyah Cohen
    Am Yisrael
  • I want to thank you, because if not for the Walder [Jewish] Education Pavilion, many of my ideas would stay just that. Just ideas. The incredible staff helps get those ideas on paper (or poster) and into the classroom. Everyone on your staff is incredibly helpful. Lately the work I’ve been doing has required a graphic artist, and she has been so patient and resourceful. She has an eye for detail, and I am always amazed at the finished product. Thanks for providing a place to make all of this happen.

    Kini Myers
    Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov
  • How delightful it was to come to the Walder [Jewish] Education Pavilion! Everyone was so helpful, patient and understanding, helping me be prepared for my new gan. The people who work here really want to help! B’rov Hakaras Hatov.

    Sima Pentelnik
    St. Louis
  • This was my first visit and I marvel at the wealth of resources and creative ideas that are available for early childhood professionals.

    Fern Batchko
    JCC Chicago
  • I would like to express how deeply impressed I was by my visit to the Walder [Jewish] Education Pavilion. It was thrilling to see the resources and educational material showcased in each room… It is impossible to estimate the tremendous impact that teachers gain from the center. It contains curricular resources for so many subjects- all beautiful in appearance, well thought out, and very useful…

    Rabbi Yitzchak Ezrachi
    Mirrer Yeshiva Jerusalem
  • I had the pleasure of attending the Idea Exchange Workshop on Building a Navi Curriculum. It was time very well spent. The discussion allowed us all to learn practical, hands-on ideas to enhance our teaching. I am teaching Tehillim for the second time and still groping for a style and format to work from. This workshop was what I was looking for. Thank you for opening your doors and offering innovative and worthwhile programs. Continued hatzlacha in your avodas hakodesh.

    Miriam Jaffe
    Ida Crown Jewish Academy
  • Thank you for your kind, patient and clear way of teaching the two computer classes. I found myself understanding the material because of the clear and easy explanations. I did not feel intimidated to ask questions. The atmosphere was safe and relaxed. This experience has made me think about my own classroom. I hope that I also make the material clear and understandable in an atmosphere that is relaxed and safe. I hope they feel comfortable asking questions Thank you for modeling these very important aspects of teaching.

    Ronya Friedman
    Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov
  • A few years ago I was approached to join for a night of fun, creativity and camaraderie, the first Master Teachers event. The range of teachers attending is very diversified. We have teachers representing all types of schools across the Chicago area, and all grade levels, from preschool to high school. I have gained from the other teachers and I hope they have gained from me. The demonstrations at the end are always enlightening and inspiring. I have definitely implemented some into my class’s repertoire.

    Rivkie Levitin
    Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov
  • The Walder [Jewish] Education Pavilion of Torah Umesorah is an unbelievable asset to the chinuch of Jewish children. Its comprehensive treatment of all aspects of education, beneficial and necessary to the success of learning growth, makes it an almost indispensable tool in the process of helping our children absorb the knowledge and values of Torah. The chinuch community owes a deep debt of gratitude to Dr. Walder and the Pavilion’s director, Mrs. Garelick.

    Rabbi Yaakov Perlow
    Novominsker Rebbe
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