Exciting enrichment for students of all ages.

Professional educators make STEAM come alive for Chicago’s Jewish children of all ages. With after-school activities, contests, and more, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy.


Engaging courses from the comfort of home.

Turn your home into a learning lab by taking advantage of our at-home courses. Children discover STEAM concepts through short, educator-developed videos, then put them into practice through hands-on, kid-friendly experiments.


Celebrating young minds with exciting events and activities.

We bring the wonder to you with science-fueled activities for kids in first through sixth grade. Show your kids how enjoyable learning can be by booking a visit from our STEMobile, activities for families and parties, and other STEAM celebrations.

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What is STEAM Education?

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) education is a holistic approach to learning that encourages students to be active and curious learners. By integrating creativity and innovation into traditional topics and ideas, STEAM education promotes critical reasoning, inquiry-based learning, and enthusiastic students!


Two decades of enrichment—and full STEAM ahead.

We open the eyes and minds of Chicago’s Jewish children to the thrilling world of experiential learning and creative thinking. By inviting children to engage with science, math, and other subjects through interactive activities, we encourage them to develop problem-solving skills, an appreciation for the world around us, and a lifelong love of learning.







  • The most meaningful part of the Jerusalem Science Contest was being able to connect something I love so much—science—with the Torah and its beauty. With the way that this contest has increased my affection for science coupled with its value on a college resume, it has opened potential career and education route in science and medicine. The contest just amplified my interest in and love for science and G-d’s creations.

    2022 Participant
    Jerusalem Science Contest
  • I am looking into becoming a biomedical engineer in the future, and my research on DNA robots for the Jerusalem Science Contest just added to that excitement. Learning about how biological organisms can coexist with technology gave me firsthand experience of what I may encounter as a biomedical engineer. Without JSC, I wouldn't have had this opportunity.

    2021 and 2022 Participant
    Jerusalem Science Contest
  • Just wanted to say thank you for such a great Science and Robotics camp! My boys really enjoyed it. One of them discovered that he is pretty interested in coding, so he's looking forward to joining an after-school session.

    Science and Robotics Camp
  • My granddaughter benefited so much from the JAVA and CAD courses she took last year when she was in 12th grade. This year she is taking a computer course at a post-high school level and she can be a teacher's assistant. The girls are so amazed that she knows what's going on! We are so appreciative to Walder STEAM Education for keeping our granddaughter busy and learning on Zoom that year. We cannot thank you enough!

  • Thank you for the interesting, informative and fun STEMobile program that you had on our block this week. My children enjoyed it so much, and keep using the "spinner" that they made, trying it out with different objects! It's fascinating how you explained the concept so clearly, and with hands-on examples!

  • I wanted to thank you for bringing your fantastic coding course to our school during these past few months. It truly has been a dream of ours to offer coding embedded within our school day and you did an absolutely amazing job. The 5th graders were captivated! They dove in! They were so excited to share what they were doing each week and even talked about it outside of class!

    School Administrator
    In-School Visits
  • Today's Super Science Sunday class was above and beyond amazing. My daughter performed each experiment multiple times over the course of the day for each family member as they came home. Thank you so much for such a great class!

    Super Science Sunday
  • Thank you VERY very much for that outstanding workshop this afternoon. The students had a wonderful time!! They learned an incredible amount, they were so engaged and they didn't want it to end. Thank you for all of the time you took, the supplies that were wonderfully put together and, of course, your excellent instruction. We are so grateful for our partnership with Walder and we cannot wait for more!

    School Administrator
    In-School Workshops
  • Our son and his classmates really enjoy the hands-on and stimulating lessons and all they have learned from Walder STEAM Education’s in-school visit. It's one of the times during the week that all the boys are involved, happy and engaged. These classes stimulate the boys' curiosity, enhance their critical thinking skills and I believe that their experiences in this class help them in all their other classes. Thank you for making this program possible for our children!

    In-School Visits
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